Antispam protection and bad bot protection for the website.

Antispam Antibot

What issues does it solve?

Protection from automatic registrations and form spam on blogs and forums, protection efficiency up to 99%.
Protection against clicks/hit bots that click ads and spoil statistics on counters and behavioral factors.
Protection against hacking, XSS search and other vulnerabilities, as well as complicating exploitation of vulnerabilities.
Protection against doorways and parsers that steal your content and make it non-unique, efficiency up to 99%.
Protection against pseudo search engines, analyzers, AhrefsBot, Majestic, SEMrushBot and their analogues.
Protection against fake bots, when parsers are represented by bots like YandexBot, Googlebot, etc.
Significant decrease in server load, because will not allow unnecessary bots to walk around the website.

Antispam Antibot

Antibot saves you money.

Saving on hosting - reducing the load on the server at times if your website was previously attacked by many bots and parsers.
Saving on copywriters - less content is stolen by parsers, it stays unique longer, and less often you will need to rewrite/refresh texts.

Antibot Antispam

How does Antibot work?

It divides visitors into 3 groups:
First, Good bots - the list is customizable by the user, bots of search engines, social networks, etc., these bots get access to your site without facing antibot .
Second, Real users, that after a few seconds of checking (the checking page is similar to that of CloudFlare), a user automatically gets to the website, if he did not pass the automatic check, then he would have to click on the login button.
Third, Everything else - unnecessary bots, spambots, vulnerability checkers, parsers, behavioral cheaters do not get to the website and the content stays safe from them.

Admin panel

There is a convenient interface (admin panel) for blocking by PTR, countries, referrer, browser language, ip, as well as for viewing statistics. The cloud check uses filters by IP, PTR, Fingerprint, Whois based on blacklists, checking through reCAPTCHA v.3 and by the base of IP belonging to hosting (proxy, vpn, tor).

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